Bench Press

The Bench Press mainly trains the muscles of the upper body, including the chest, the arms and the front shoulders.

To perform a bench press, lying on the bench with the bar gripped. A narrow grip requires more arm strength and the vertical travel is longer. A wider grip relatively needs less arm strength and it shortens the vertical travel too. The feet should stay on the ground. This can stabilize the body and help the lift. Arching the back can shorten the vertical travel. Afterwards, the barbell is removed from the bench rack with or without help from the spotter. The arms are extended and the starting position is established.

The barbell descends by bending the arms with control until it touches the chest. Then the barbell is pushed upward until the arms are fully extended.

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Current Competition

Arnold Classic Africa 2019 (2019.05.17 - 05.19) RSA

30th Open and 11th Sub-Junior/Junior and 19th Masters IPF World Bench Press Championships (2019.05.18 - 05.25) JPN

4th IPF World Classic Bench Press Championships (2019.05.18 - 05.25) JPN

Upcoming Competition

7th Open/Sub-Junior/Junior and 6th Masters IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships (2019.06.03 - 06.15) SWE

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