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Weightlifting World Records, Men, Senior, 1973 - 1992

52kgSnatch121kg HE Zhuo QiangCHN1992.05.29
52kgClean and Jerk155.5kg Ivan IVANOVBUL1991.09.27Germany > DonaueschingenWorld Weightlifting Championships
52kgTotal272.5kg Ivan IVANOVBUL1989.09.16Greece > AthensWorld Weightlifting Championships
56kgSnatch135kg LIU Shou BinCHN1991.09.27Germany > DonaueschingenWorld Weightlifting Championships
56kgClean and Jerk171kg Neno TERZIYSKIBUL1987.09.06Czechoslovakia > OstravaWorld Weightlifting Championships
56kgTotal300kg Naim SULEYMANOGLUBUL1984.05.11
60kgSnatch152.5kgNaim SULEYMANOGLUTUR1988.09.20South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
60kgClean and Jerk190kgNaim SULEYMANOGLUTUR1988.09.20South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
60kgTotal342.5kg Naim SULEYMANOGLUTUR1988.09.20South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
67.5kgSnatch160kg Israil MILITOSYANURS1989.09.19Greece > AthensWorld Weightlifting Championships
67.5kgClean and Jerk200.5kgMikhail PETROVBUL1987.09.08Czechoslovakia > OstravaWorld Weightlifting Championships
67.5kgTotal355kg Mikhail PETROVBUL1987.12.05
75kgSnatch170kg Angel GENCHEVBUL1987.12.11
75kgClean and Jerk215.5kgAleksandar VARBANOVBUL1987.12.05
75kgTotal382.5kg Aleksandar VARBANOVBUL1988.02.20
82.5kgSnatch183kg Asen ZLATEVBUL1986.12.14
82.5kgClean and Jerk225kg Asen ZLATEVBUL1986.11.12Bulgaria > SofiaWorld Weightlifting Championships
82.5kgTotal405kgYuri VARDANYANURS1984.09.14
90kgSnatch195.5kg Blagoy BLAGOEVBUL1983.05.01
90kgClean and Jerk235kg Anatoly KHRAPATYURS1988.04.29Great Britain > CardiffEuropean Weightlifting Championships
90kgTotal422.5kg Viktor SOLODOVURS1984.09.15
100kgSnatch200.5kg Nicu VLADROU1986.11.14Bulgaria > SofiaWorld Weightlifting Championships
100kgClean and Jerk242.5kg Aleksandr POPOVURS1988.03.05
100kgTotal440kg Yury ZAKHAREVICHURS1983.03.04
110kgSnatch210kgYury ZAKHAREVICHURS1988.09.27South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
110kgClean and Jerk250.5kgYury ZAKHAREVICHURS1988.04.30Great Britain > CardiffEuropean Weightlifting Championships
110kgTotal455kgYury ZAKHAREVICHURS1988.09.27South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
+110kgSnatch216kgAntonio KRASTEVBUL1987.09.13Czechoslovakia > OstravaWorld Weightlifting Championships
+110kgClean and Jerk266kgLeonid TARANENKOURS1988.11.26
+110kgTotal475kgLeonid TARANENKOURS1988.11.26
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