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Powerlifting Paralympic Records, Women, Senior, XXXX - 2012

40kgBench Press109kg Nazmiye MUSLUTUR2012.08.30Great Britain > LondonParalympic Games
44kgBench Press127.5kg Lucy Ogechukwu EJIKENGR2004.09.20Greece > AthensParalympic Games
48kgBench Press135kg Esther OYEMANGR2012.09.01Great Britain > LondonParalympic Games
52kgBench Press131kg Joy ONAOLAPONGR2012.09.01Great Britain > LondonParalympic Games
56kgBench Press143kgFatma OMAREGY2012.09.02Great Britain > LondonParalympic Games
60kgBench Press135.5kg Amalia PEREZ VASQUEZMEX2012.09.02Great Britain > LondonParalympic Games
67.5kgBench Press146kg Souhad GHAZOUANIFRA2012.09.03Great Britain > LondonParalympic Games
75kgBench Press148kg Folashade OLUWAFEMIAYONGR2012.09.03Great Britain > LondonParalympic Games
82.5kgBench Press155kg Heba Said AHMEDEGY2008.09.14China > BeijingParalympic Games
+82.5kgBench Press165kg Grace Ebere ANOZIENGR2008.09.14China > BeijingParalympic Games
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Current Competition

Arnold Classic Africa 2019 (2019.05.17 - 05.19) RSA

30th Open and 11th Sub-Junior/Junior and 19th Masters IPF World Bench Press Championships (2019.05.18 - 05.25) JPN

4th IPF World Classic Bench Press Championships (2019.05.18 - 05.25) JPN

Upcoming Competition

7th Open/Sub-Junior/Junior and 6th Masters IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships (2019.06.03 - 06.15) SWE

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Latest Records

Weightlifting WR
Women +87kg Snatch 147kg
LI Wen Wen CHN

Weightlifting WR
Women 76kg Total 278kg
RIM Jong Sim PRK

Weightlifting WR
Women 76kg Snatch 123kg
RIM Jong Sim PRK

Weightlifting WR
Women 64kg Total 257kg

Weightlifting WR
Women 64kg Clean and Jerk 142kg

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